Elke Cole


I am a consultant, facilitator, designer and educator and I travel the world to support positive change.

My passion for Natural Building and Design is central to workshops and projects that I lead .
Participants experience an open, safe and relaxed atmosphere, fostered by my curiosity and appreciation for the gifts each person brings.

I have facilitated many workshops connecting hands-on skills with leadership training and community living. My programs cover topics reaching from design to hands-on building and cross-cultural communication.

Being in the early stages of projects, working with visionaries on the development and realization of ideas, team building, and setting up communication and action strategies is where I like to engage.


I began to build with Cob in 1994 and promoted Natural Building awareness in the Vancouver Island Region through outreach and practice. In association with the Cob Cottage and Cobworks I fueled my passion and developed my skills in facilitation and building techniques.
10 years of work with O.U.R. Ecovillage have produced several buildings demonstrating innovative approaches with Cob, Straw Bale, Light Clay and Hybrid Techniques, Living Roofs, Alternative Foundations and community planning.

Living and working in community deepened my communication skills and ability to manage a balance of life/work.

In my Design work I pay much attention to relationships between owners, builders and the natural environment presented at the site. My permaculture design training serves as starting point for most of my work. Many of my clients are owner builders who choose to create their homes slowly and carefully- my work with them is often just the beginning of their journey.

Since 2011 I have expanded my work primarily around Non-profit support in Africa. Continuing from earlier engagements with Baobab Home in Tanzania, I spent time in central Tanzania building a demonstration earth building and working with women in a rural setting. Working with women in different cultures is rewarding and inspiring to me. I worked with Better World Cameroon, developing Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage and along with that the Africa Kitchen Revolution Project.

I feel blessed to have developed connections and partnerships worldwide.
Exploring a new region of the world with its unique geography, climate and people kindles my creativity and love for human relations.

To inquire regarding design, project leadership, group facilitation and work with women and peer groups please email me.



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