The fact that today we celebrate Mothers day stimulated a conversation about families over pancakes this morning.
When I asked one of the interns about his parent’s age he said “mid fifties” and I realized: that’s me- almost. My mother talked about that too: “I think of you as 25 still…” just as I think of her as 40-something.
Aging sneaks up on you- by now I’m supposed to be all grown up and have life figured out. But the reality is: I keep learning: about myself and the world, always changing and creating, and I still wonder “what am I going to do with my life?”
Looking back the path is pretty obvious but looking ahead there are choices to be made, obstacles to overcome and many unknowns. Being in relationship with my partner influences my choices as does my relationship to this community.
When recently the women held a crone ceremony for me I felt the call to move into the role of an elder. Who are my models for this?

In community we get to see all the stages of life and have relationships with all generations. That makes for good conversations around the fire or the dinner table and offers much inspiration to me. It reminds me of other perspectives and needs, and challenges my habits!

And to wrap up for today a link to some further reading:
One of our interns this year just published an article about permaculture in Urban gardening magazine. Congratulations Javan!

PS. :Monday morning and someone just sent this Mother’s day you tube link that I’d like to share with you:

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