“Have you heard about us before? ” this was the opening line for many conversations over the course of the Organic Islands Festival on the weekend. Cassandra (in the picture) and many of our interns spent their weekend time networking and introducing O.U.R. Ecovillage to curious visitors of our booth.

We shared our ideas around natural building and food production, explained about zoning issues and ecovillage development, and made new connections in the community.

Our display showed ideas like “Lasagna gardening”, Seed balls, natural plaster samples and ingredients and offered a natural building “peep show” in a dome made to look like a cob oven.

While many were anxiously following the final game of the soccer world cup, Brandy facilitated a panel on Green building and sustainable development with Guests Doug Makaroff of Living Forest communities, John Gower, JC Scott, Gord Baird from Eco-sense and me, representing O.U.R. Ecovillage and my own design company “houses that love you back“.

The panel offered diverse approaches to reducing our carbon footprint from a building perspective. Alternative systems, woodland preservation, sustainable harvesting of lumber, natural building and the idea of the 100 Mile house were presented in short presentations by each of us and then questions from the crowd fielded. A juicy topic like this is hard to fit into a forum like this, so I invite you all to look for “Building as if People mattered” a one day conference in the Spring of 2011!
All in all we had a good time and feel in good company among the many businesses and producers of “organic everything” .
Join us this week for a “Taste of Cob” on Thursday or Friday : cobbing fun for the whole family.

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