brick arches in cob walls

Brick arches in cob walls


Scaffolding made from Sisal poles

Scaffolding made from Sisal poles


View from the top


creative formwork

North side with entranceWindow with evening sunlightFloor edge made with bricksNiche in Cob with bottlesRound window


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5 Responses to Cob Pictures from Amarula Camp

  1. we were there learning from Elke! Amazing lady, stunning job! highly recommended

  2. sheila says:

    I mean CM,,,,,CM,,,,Hi Elka and Seppo and Cm

    I m very excited to see this. Im equally impressed with the idea of vault ceilings.Is it true are you making a nubian vault? or a dome? Seems that is always the limiting factor..the roof!

    Would love to be there with you. Keep on cobbing

  3. I am building a cob home in Zimbabwe, I have been back and forth of the issue of termites, I want to use locally available materials and straw from wild grass once it has dropped it’s seeds seems like the only option here. We have made a stone foundation of a meter and a half with a lime sand mortar and I’m going to make a lime plaster, do you think this is enough to protect the walls from termites? THere will be no wood in the ground. I am hoping to start cobbing soon!!

    • elkecole says:

      Hi Laurie
      I definitely have to warn against using straw. Like I mentioned we used some sticks of termite resistent wood and so far that’s ok. I applied some plaster that had chopped grass and right away the termites were into it. In India and in Bagamoyo Termites created hollows in the cob walls where the straw was. So not a good idea.
      Best wishes – I hope it works out well for you

  4. Bob Braxton says:


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