Welcome to 2019!

We started the year full steam with a workshop at Collective Space in Duncan. Lot’s of learning and good fun , and the meeting room was painted. We hope to keep this momentum going with more local workshops:

Journey into Natural homes , Jan 19 in at Collective Space in Duncan

Claypaint and simple natural plaster , January 26 at Collective Space


Design your Natural Home , March 23/24 at OUR Ecovillage

Dream your dream and make it real this year!

At the end of 2018 I sent a newsletter to my list. Here’s an excerpt:

… At this time I reflect on 2018, a year of continuing the shift I began by going abroad. A central topic to my life seems to be around the question “what is home?”.
During our travels we created ‘home’ in a few locations: a tent at Amarula campsite while building a cabin, a shared apartment in Berlin, an apartment overlooking the city of Bamenda in Cameroon and finally a shared house not far from Nairobi. We learned to have home in our luggage and with each other, with place and facilities changing. I’m guessing, those of you who travel can relate. …

Read the full newsletter

or if you just want to see this years offers as they stand today go to the workshop page.

Help wanted!

Volunteers in Duncan to help with the construction of a playground for the Cowichan Intercultural Society. The work will be taking place from March onward. Learn to build with Cob, Wood, tires and you’ll be planting. Please send an email with your phone contact and an introduction with info about you, your skills, and why you want to participate, to: elke@elkecole.com


Support person in social media and marketing outreach:

This is an opportunity for a trade for workshop for someone who is well versed in social media, with a feel for the culture around natural building (‘Marketing for Hippies’) . Part time , location not important. Talk to me! elke@elkecole.com