You have a dream for a sustainable way to live and build. Are you ready to experience natural building?

Where would you like to begin?

sketch for a family home

Planning & Design

You have a project and need support in getting your concepts, vision, and planning in order.

I can take you from initial vision, consulting, and site visit to a clear concept plan. From there we can identify the best team to take it to reality.

Workshops and Teaching

Take a workshop

Join a group of like-minded folks for a hands-on training. It may be your holiday adventure or the beginning of a new life path. My promise is you will feel confident and encouraged and have lots of good memories.

Host a workshop

Design clients and organizations can book a workshop to boost their project. It’s a win-win situation.

Place making for community

Cob installations like benches, sculpted objects, ovens and garden walls will awaken community spirit far beyond the time of building. With planning and early involvement of all stakeholders we can bring life to our public spaces and to the private edges. Our imaginations and physics are the only limitations to our reality.

personal touch interior

Make your house natural

Adding some natural design features? A clay wall maybe? An addition? A nice garden element? I can support renewals from small to big to bring the earth into your building and your life.

afternoon light on eco hut

Small Projects

No project is too small to bring in natural building theory, practice, and systems. Come and discussion your small project and let me be a well of support during the process, from consulting to full build.

Big Projects

There is no project too big. Within the constraints of nature is a lot of room, and a lot of turning problems into solutions. If your vision is large, lets put together a dream team to make it happen.

Why Elke?

The Right Tools

The main tool I bring is over 25 years of natural building and design experience. There are other physical tools, yet the true guiding force in natural building is our own skill, creativity, and wisdom. A true trade.


Come for a natural building course and get a certificate indicating the amount of time and education you get on this subject. Many levels are possible when building with earth, how deep with you go?

Fair Exchange

I offer a fair exchange policy, where we ensure it is a fit and feels good for everyone at the beginning.

Across currency lines we negotiate and find win-win agreement on your project.

Working with Earth

Natural building is really working with the earth with the intention to create earth homes that could last for hundreds of years.

25 Years Experience

25 years of putting hands in clay, on the earth, and creating useful magical spaces for others. A joyful legacy.

Great Support

I am always there every step of the way. From consulting to full build, from individual to full natural building team; the support is there. It takes a village.

  • plaster finishing
  • natural clay selections
  • earthbags as foundation
  • children enjoy mud
  • woman cob mixing
  • making Adobe blocks in Cameroon
  • mud work by hand
  • cob and bottles
  • earth bag foundation

Take a workshop!

Hands-on learning is the only way to really know if you want to be a natural builder or build your own natural home.

A hands-on workshop will allow you to explore your personal abilities in a safe and supported environment. Participate in a real project with other learners like you and discover the power of working together. You just might discover a new passion!

  • Learn techniques of building with Earth: Cob, Earthbag, Straw-bale natural plasters and more.
  • Learn to trust your senses and reach into your creativity.
  • Feel the joy of your body in action
  • Get your questions answered and discuss related topics
  • Build a network of friends for your natural building future

2019 Workshops: travel and learn

Learn natural building in Canada, Germany, Kenya or India.
Dates and details coming soon. Sign up for my mailing list to know first!

Hosting a workshop on a natural building project

For home owners or project hosts a workshop can bring a healthy injection of fresh energy and move the process forward through the power of group work.
Here’s what makes a good setting:

  • A site that has space for people to gather, possibly camp, and facilities like toilets, showers and (camp) kitchen.
  • A support team that loves the idea of a bunch of people putting their hands to the job. This includes a cook who is skilled in nutritious food.
  • A project that’s prepared for a group to join: tools and materials in place, major design decisions done, ready to go according to agreement.

If your project is large, identify a focus area to start. Workshop activities can include any of the following:

  • small foundation area
  • cob walls
  • earthen floor
  • straw bale work
  • natural plasters
  • oven or cook-stove build

Request a checklist for hosts to help your planning.

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