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Rainbows and Easter Eggs

It’s just too tempting to pick up the weather topic again today. A big storm kept people a bit on edge for a few days now, causing widespread power outages all over Vancouver Island on Friday, and bringing rain and hail and heavy, gusty winds. Not enough to scare the Easter bunny away though- this […]

A day late

Monday morning and I have an internal conflict about the Sunday blog I didn’t write yesterday. Now I never promised anyone that this would be an every Sunday blog, but I’m guilty to myself: I took on the challenge that it would be.How am I facing my voices? Do I own up and deliver now? […]


New Ground

The chickens have been covering new ground lately. Their fence was opened and suddenly their range has multiplied in size- namely into the new garden area. Without hesitation they went for the farthest reaches and scratched away happily.There’s still machine work going on: areas of ground are being leveled so that we can install irrigation […]


changing the clock

Today is the first day of daylight savings time for this year. This switch of the clock is a reminder to me of (hu)man’s artificial ways of relating to life and nature.I happily am in the position of waking up with the morning light most of the time. There’s a built in response in our […]


6 design tips for good daylight

  Daylight comes slowly, and when it rains even more so it seems. The alcove we sleep in is on the east side of the building and has two windows allowing the first morning light to enter my sleep. In the summertime the morning sun tickles our faces, the winter sun never comes over the […]