Cob workshops in Germany Summer 2017

happy cob builders

This summer we’re going to the lake…to build a cob “hobbit house”


Get together with like minded people for 5 days and learn to build with Cob and other natural materials. We’ll be building a small cabin in the woods, a space to play, meditate, rest, re-create.

What? Starting from a foundation you’ll learn to mix cob, build and shape walls, create sculptural details and attach doors, windows and other parts. We may also use straw-bales, bottles and other found objects.

Who? These workshops are intended for people who are curious to try out cob or earth building. People who love the feel of free form buildings, who are not afraid to try something different. The short program will introduce hands on how to do simple construction of a small building for self-builders.

It may inspire you to deepen your skills and take a more professional training later. Or it may inspire you to go home and create something in your own backyard.

Elke will lead the program in an inclusive way- allowing all participants to join at their level of ability. We encourage co-creating and a communal approach to work. Fun and positive energy are central to the atmosphere of our workshops. You’ll make new friends and become part of the global natural building movement.

Choose from two programs:

Building with friendsCob for women
women build cob
August 3-7, 2017August 9-13, 2017
Introduction to Cob construction
for owner-builders
Earth-building with special focus
on creativity and connection
all above 16 welcomefor adventurous women
€ 300 includes 3 organic meals /day, camp (own tent), and instruction€ 300 includes 3 organic meals /day, camp (own tent), and instruction

Take both workshops for 500 €.


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