3-days of natural plastering from ‘scratch’

August 25-27, 2017

in Dargersdorf, Templin, Germany

Natural plasters bring a special feel to your home environment. It doesn’t matter what your walls are made of- in most cases it is possible to apply a fresh layer of clay plaster.

Discover in this workshop how you can mix your own natural plaster from simple ingredients.

Here’s a picture of our project:


The cabin was started in a cob workshop in 2012 with group of enthusiastic learners.

Ole and his family continued and completed the work and are now inviting us to be part of the finishing.


What you will learn:

  • Choosing ingredients
  • Preparing your surface
  • Tools and technique
  • Put it on the wall!
  • Having fun with decorative elements

Course leaders

Elke Cole  brings 20 years of natural building experience in many different environments to this course. She has built in Canada, Cameroon, Tanzania, Tamil Nadu, Costa Rica and Germany. Her passion is to empower people to build their own home and make it beautiful.

Ilka Claren has caught the natural building bug and created the facebook page Freunde des experimentellen Bauens. She is a professional graphic designer.

Elke and Ilka will also be facilitating the 2 cob building workshops in Lychen together.

Cost of workshop and registration

€ 150 includes instruction and lunch. We offer this course for 100 if you are registered in the cob workshops or were a participant in our previous workshop at this location, .

You may camp on site at no extra cost, with breakfast and dinner being your own responsibility.

Other accommodation available in the nearby village.

registration fee options

For more information please contact me

You may also be interested in our Cob building workshops in Germany this summer.


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