This is a three stone fire

This is an rocket cook stove

common three stone fire cooking efficiently


The three stone fire is used in most kitchens in Cameroon, both urban and rural to prepare daily meals for the family.

  • In Cameroon 73.5% of the population are using wood as fuel for cooking?

I have had many conversations with women who wish to use a better stove; the barriers I saw are:

  • large, heavy pots that are commonly used don’t get enough heat and are poorly supported on readily available energy-saving cookstoves
  • even when a gas stove is present, these large pots are inefficiently heated and therefore this option is too costly
  • women are not familiar with improved cook stoves

Welcome to The Africa Kitchen Revolution


shared facilitation roles


We start by teaching groups of women

Women in Africa are commonly organized in Women’s groups. It only makes sense to work with existing structures to organize teaching programs. A workshop can teach 12-15 women to build stoves in one day. Group members will then be expected to continue building stoves for each other until all members have their own. In a follow-up visit further instructions are given regarding finishing and operating stoves.

In one season (4 months) we plan to conduct 12 workshops and expect at least 120 stoves to be built.

Dry season in NW Cameroon starts in December and ends in March

much interest in cook stoves

Training women as trainers for local sustainability


We select and invite individuals from each workshop to help facilitate other groups and become part of a trainers network. Teaching skills, workshop organization and small business development are planned topics of a follow-up training.

A seed-business under Better World Cooperative will build and repair stoves as contractors.

A network hosted by Better World Cameroon will support the women in setting up small businesses and future training events.

Pinyin workshop group


Why build stoves with women?

  • We offer a solution that uses local materials only and is in the hands of those who use it: the women!
  • Women will have more time available for business or community activities, because less time is spent gathering firewood and cooking.
  • When women earn money they invest in the family: school fees, health and welfare
  • Opportunities for creating businesses
  • Improving the Environment: less pollution through clean burning
  • Saving forests through reducing firewood consumption by 60-70%
  • Smoke free kitchens: better health for women and children
  • Fire safety: fire is inside the stove, away from clothing and reach
  • Affordability: All local (low cost/ free) materials
  • Women know their stove and can make improvements and repairs.
  • Skills are transferable and can also be used to make home improvements

Who is working on this?

In Cameroon Elke Cole is working with Better World Cameroon, a local NGO focused on Permaculture African Way, Women and Youth. Better World Cameroon has local connections to Village leaders and women’s groups.

We will form a team to reach out to key community leaders and groups.

Through website and offices Better World can offer a networking platform to continue supporting the work into the future.

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