My relationship with the Baobab Home in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, began with a first visit and exploration in 2007.
That first year established my relationship with the organization as well as a number of builders. I have returned every year since then and plan to spend more time in the future.

In 2008/09 Earthrising Foundation collaborated on the project, and we planned and built the first building on the new site on the outskirts of Bagamoyo.
Read all about it
and watch the slideshow:

Later in the fall of 2009 another group of volunteers and the builders built the first home on the site.
The building features

  • earthbag foundation
  • stabilized earth blocks made on location
  • fired bricks made on site
  • a metal roof

Enjoy a slideshow of the volunteer camp including some fun excursions :

In November of 2010 Terri and Caito were preparing to move in and we brought another volunteer group to help with different aspects of the building, gardening and planning.
The need for the kitchen to be designed and built became priority while finishing work was continuing on the home.


Baobab Kitchen plan

Baobab Kitchen perspective sketch from south west

Kitchen perspective sketch from South East

The kitchen offers both standing and floor workspace, a distinct dish washing area, secure food storage and a custom earthen cook stove. A grey-water system is being set up to filter the water and supply the garden.
The space is open to the commons and closely related to the eating area.
On the North side of the building we included a shower , a second storage room and the watchman’s station.

The cook stove was built by Eckhard Beuchel from Germany.

Our time in Bagamoyo ended with the kitchen building under construction and another house designed and laid out.
As the organization develops and shifts its programs the original plan is changing and we are now looking forward to completing the buildings and adding some volunteer huts next.

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