You’ve browsed the internet and have a head full of ideas – now how does all this transform into a plan of action?

You dream of a cob house but don’t know if it’s possible where you live.

You are an architect and your clients are looking for natural options.

You represent an organization that is looking to build / create space for their work with natural materials and/or based on Permaculture

There are many places from which the path to natural building begins.

You’re in the right place!  Book a free 20 min. call and we will find out how to make next steps.

During this first call I want to hear from you what the query is- what the dream is- where you’re stuck. You will get a sense of where I’m coming from and we will know if there’s a match.

This may lead to further consulting/ coaching sessions or an online introductory course , or a referral to someone who can help you better.

It’s your first step-

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