Workshop hosting   and Upcoming workshops


Does your school or organization teach about sustainability?

Are you looking for team building in a fun and engaging way?

Are you building a natural home?

Could your project benefit from a handful of enthusiastic learners?

Workshop topic examples:

~Natural Home design for home owners, 2-day workshop
~Cob building workshops from 2- 14 days
~Earthen cook stoves and ovens
~Beautiful and natural: finishes for your home

Consulting/ Facilitation

Support for your project :

Down to Earth Project Leadership for NGO’s

Facilitation: bringing out the best

Inclusive Volunteer Management: having fun and bridging cultures

Permaculture: by choice

Natural House Design

Houses that love you back

Uniquely yours:

Sculpted Cob Cottages

Comfortable Straw Bale Homes

Hybrid Earth Architecture



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