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mud danceExplore your personal abilities through Hands-on learning in a safe, joyful environment. Working together we support one another, give feedback, encourage, discover and create. With our feet we mix the earth. With our hands we shape  a building- small like a bench or larger like a house. With our eyes we watch and pay attention. And our soul rejoices.

Natural building workshops bring together people from all walks of life and facilitate lively exchange, new friendships, and in some cases the emerging of a new passion. Check for scheduled workshops

Does your school or organization teach about sustainability?

Are you looking for team building in a fun and engaging way?

Are you building a natural home?

Could your project benefit from a handful of enthusiastic learners?

For home owners or project hosts a workshop can bring a healthy injection of fresh energy and move the process forward through the power of group work.

P1030528The content of a workshop varies according to its timeline and project. If you have a project and are looking to host a cob-, strawbale- or plaster- workshop, start planning as early as possible.

I bring more than 15 years of experience with Earth-building, Group work, multicultural programs and passion for the culture of Natural Building. My longstanding involvements in several projects continues and I will consider small and large settings to share skills and experience. My courses can be offered bilingual English/ German.

Download our checklist to help you get started or fill out the form below and we’ll talk about your plans.







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