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Sally shares a story

On March 4, 2011 By

I have received a lovely account from Sally who came and volunteered at Baobab too. For your reading pleasure: Baobab Journal December 1st 2010 I think I will start with my last day at the Baobab shamba because it was so special and all the strands of my time with Terri, the orphans, the building […]

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Home is where?

On February 3, 2011 By

Changing worlds doesn’t get easier over time as you may think- culture shock still happens to me when I return back to Canada. First the world seemed so much quieter and so gray here, not to mention cold. My dreams kept taking place in Africa and even now after a week still do. So let’s […]

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Usambara Mountains changing landscape roadside offerings Nov 22 Hot pink and blue are the roadside colors of Tanzania. They represent  three large cellular providers Vodacom, TIGO,  and Zain. The presence of their advertising shows up on tiny roadside stores to large block buildings painted in these colors that everyone knows. The busride from Dar to […]

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Water: sweet and salty

On November 13, 2010 By

November 13 It only took a couple of days for our seeds to sprout . I planted some cowpeas earlier this week and now they are up and growing on the “fence”. The Mchicha greens also show and now I’m watching for the Zucchini. It’s the presence of water that creates the magic of course. […]

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Permaculture and stories

On November 11, 2010 By

November 10…doesn’t feel like November A downpour woke me up this morning – I zipped up the tent fly and rolled over noticing  the slight cooling that came with it. It happens quite often that we get a short rain at that time and I can only hope that this brings some water to all […]

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