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Returning to Tamil Nadu

On August 24, 2013 By

You can’t really imagine India until you go there – that’s been told many times and it’s true. As we’re preparing another natural building program for early 2014 in Kurumbupalayam village with Buddha Smiles, I respond to inquiries and will share some past impressions and info here. The leaders of Buddha Smiles are inspiring change-makers […]

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Carry water

On February 13, 2012 By

  Everyday actions are learned as we grow up, by observation, copying, failure, trying again and getting better little by little. Depending on our home place and culture of origin we learn very different skills: it may be using certain tools in the garden or on the farm, techniques for handwashing clothes, cleaning house even […]

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The best blog is the one I’m actually going to write- so here are some notes after walking from Burgos to Santiago between September 25 and October 15, 2011 1. Community: I think in my mind I expected a “pilgrimage” to be a fairly lonely experience with little contact to anybody. That was corrected on […]

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Leaving O.U.R. Ecovillage

On August 28, 2011 By

 When I first came to O.U.R. I was just establishing myself as a natural builder. I was living in Courtenay and worked a lot with Cobworks on Mayne Island during the summer. OUR was in its first years of establishing vision and zoning and every time I was there I saw a group of […]

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