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Returning to Tamil Nadu

On August 24, 2013 By

You can’t really imagine India until you go there – that’s been told many times and it’s true. As we’re preparing another natural building program for early 2014 in Kurumbupalayam village with Buddha Smiles, I respond to inquiries and will share some past impressions and info here. The leaders of Buddha Smiles are inspiring change-makers […]

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Every workshop leader’s nightmare among earth- and strawbale builders: Rain on day 1 of the workshop- especially for a weekend workshop. There you are, ready with tools, tarps and Straw hat and a handful of curious and excited  future cobbers and the sky opens up… Here are some ideas to keep up the spirit in […]

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Going for a walk recently we came upon this old house. I’m always curious when I see clay-infill or earthen plasters, so the exposed bits of earth caught my interest right away. I’ve learned a bit about the local historical buildings too and could tell that this was what they call “Umgebindehaus”, where on the […]

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A taste of Lehmstrasse

On November 7, 2012 By

There is a group of engaged researchers, builders and restorers in Crimmitschau, Sachsen, Germany who are planning the project “German Czech Lehmstrasse” . Lehm means claysoil – good for building- and Lehmstrasse refers to a selection of houses built with Lehm along a (for now) virtual route. In preparation for this project (while waiting for […]

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Presenting Amarula cob cottage

On September 20, 2012 By

Today I am pleased to share some pictures with you. We have finished our building in Mnenia and it is ready to be occupied. I found it difficult to take adequate pictures: the house is small but feels spacious. Photographs can’t give you the feeling of the light breeze, the sound of the birds, or […]

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