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Domes,Vaults and Arches

On June 16, 2012 By

The central visual theme for our building at Amarula Campsite are Arches and Domes. In my deliberations about a suitable roof structure that doesn’t involve wood (there are no large trees in the area that can produce lumber or long, straight structural pieces) I explored the idea of domes and vaults. It made sense: Handmade, […]

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The price of things

On May 13, 2012 By

The prices of things as experienced Spring 2012 mostly in Mnenia village and Kondoa town all prices in Tanzanian Shillings: 1500 TSh = 1 US$ A days wages for a laborer: 3000 Tea and chapati at the local teashop: 300 Bus fare Mnenia to Kondoa 5000 round trip Delivery of a trailer load of stuff […]

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Brush with Fame in Arusha

On February 28, 2012 By

Jane Goodall is coming to Arusha. That’s a good reason to make a trip from our village camp and get on the bus. For 12000 Tsh (approx. 6 Euros) we ride along with people from the villages and their things , namely large baskets containing chickens,  to Arusha. 6 hours of rough ride and we’re […]

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Driving from Arusha to Mnenia brought back memories from just over a year ago: then I was sitting in the passenger seat of Seppo’s aging Land Rover with growing amazement at the changing landscape while the vehicle negotiated the endless bumpy road-construction stretch  between Arusha and Babati.(see Kijiji means village) I remembered the beauty of […]

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