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A house for Serena Dewakuku

On December 8, 2013 By

Today I saw this call for support and want to help spread the word. In 2009 I had the great pleasure to go to Hopiland in Arizona and work with Lillian Hill and Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture to start the construction of a house for Lilian’s Mother Serena. I was touched by the community spirit and […]

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Every workshop leader’s nightmare among earth- and strawbale builders: Rain on day 1 of the workshop- especially for a weekend workshop. There you are, ready with tools, tarps and Straw hat and a handful of curious and excited  future cobbers and the sky opens up… Here are some ideas to keep up the spirit in […]

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Going for a walk recently we came upon this old house. I’m always curious when I see clay-infill or earthen plasters, so the exposed bits of earth caught my interest right away. I’ve learned a bit about the local historical buildings too and could tell that this was what they call “Umgebindehaus”, where on the […]

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Exkursion mit Bauernhof

On November 26, 2012 By

In Crimmitschau, Sachsen, gibt es eine Gruppe von engagierten Forschern, Handwerkern und Restauratoren , die das Projekt “ Deutsch-Tschechische Lehmstrasse “ plant. Diese Lehmstrasse bezieht sich auf eine Auswahl von Häusern die mit Lehm gebaut oder renoviert wurden, entlang einer (noch) virtuellen Strasse. Als Vorbereitung für dieses Projekt (während der Wartezeit auf Fördermittel) hat die […]

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A taste of Lehmstrasse

On November 7, 2012 By

There is a group of engaged researchers, builders and restorers in Crimmitschau, Sachsen, Germany who are planning the project “German Czech Lehmstrasse” . Lehm means claysoil – good for building- and Lehmstrasse refers to a selection of houses built with Lehm along a (for now) virtual route. In preparation for this project (while waiting for […]

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