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Carry water

On February 13, 2012 By

  Everyday actions are learned as we grow up, by observation, copying, failure, trying again and getting better little by little. Depending on our home place and culture of origin we learn very different skills: it may be using certain tools in the garden or on the farm, techniques for handwashing clothes, cleaning house even […]

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Driving from Arusha to Mnenia brought back memories from just over a year ago: then I was sitting in the passenger seat of Seppo’s aging Land Rover with growing amazement at the changing landscape while the vehicle negotiated the endless bumpy road-construction stretch  between Arusha and Babati.(see Kijiji means village) I remembered the beauty of […]

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Kijiji means Village

On November 27, 2010 By

Nov. 23 Masai compound from road It took hours to get out of Arusha; picking things up , shopping, waiting for people and traffic. Finally, around 1 we left town towards Kondoa region. Along a new paved road it was easy driving at first. We were crossing Masai land, where round houses in clusters dot […]

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First post : still at home

On October 19, 2010 By

…in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island, enjoying tea and late afternoon sun in front of moziro’s coffeeshop. I begin this blog on this Tuesday- a week before  I fly to Tanzania to continue the work with Baobab home in Bagamoyo and to start a new project in the Kondoa region. This trip will be my […]

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