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I made a comment on Facebook  recently stating how much I love to work with cob more than any other earth building method. Here’s a selection of techniques and my impressions which help me decide which method to use in a specific location: Earthbags We’ve built Earthbag foundations  in Canada (OUR Ecovillage ), Tanzania and […]

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Going for a walk recently we came upon this old house. I’m always curious when I see clay-infill or earthen plasters, so the exposed bits of earth caught my interest right away. I’ve learned a bit about the local historical buildings too and could tell that this was what they call “Umgebindehaus”, where on the […]

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Presenting Amarula cob cottage

On September 20, 2012 By

Today I am pleased to share some pictures with you. We have finished our building in Mnenia and it is ready to be occupied. I found it difficult to take adequate pictures: the house is small but feels spacious. Photographs can’t give you the feeling of the light breeze, the sound of the birds, or […]

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Sabbatical 2: Morocco

On December 1, 2011 By

  I have dreamt of going to Morocco ever since I was a teenager in Germany, when it was still one of the destinations on the Interail train-pass. Marrakech was one of those names for me that carry mystery and calling. What better time to go than during this trip on Sabbatical. Even today, where […]

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