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It was an exciting day today for the Natural Builders at O.U.R. Ecovillage: we laid the reciprocal roof frame on the root cellar. I had participated in a roof structure like this once during the Natural Building Colloquium in the Czech Republic where Tony Wrench taught us how to do it. I took notes that […]

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Cobbing a root cellar

On June 12, 2011 By

Cob week for the Natural Building Skillbuilders and we’ve been building a Root cellar for O.U.R.Ecovillage. Cob is still my favorite way of building: I simply feel happy as soon as my hands get into it. This time around we have high production energy on the site. The goal was to get these walls up […]

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Mid Summer riches

On July 25, 2010 By

Summertime for a builder is high season at work. For many of us, however, summertime means time to travel, have a holiday, spend time at the beach with kids and so on. It is festival season, too, and around here one could make attending festivals a full-time occupation at this time of year. I’m experiencing […]

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Every year, sometime in spring, the day comes when the interns of the season arrive. We anticipate this day with curiosity, excitement and a bit of anxiety: how will the new members of the community fit with each other, with those of us who have been here a while and with the place and our […]

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Rainbows and Easter Eggs

On April 4, 2010 By

It’s just too tempting to pick up the weather topic again today. A big storm kept people a bit on edge for a few days now, causing widespread power outages all over Vancouver Island on Friday, and bringing rain and hail and heavy, gusty winds. Not enough to scare the Easter bunny away though- this […]

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