Monday morning and I have an internal conflict about the Sunday blog I didn’t write yesterday. Now I never promised anyone that this would be an every Sunday blog, but I’m guilty to myself: I took on the challenge that it would be.
How am I facing my voices? Do I own up and deliver now? A day later? Is that better than next Sunday- nobody else will know after all.
Yes, but my commitment is to myself, and it’s me who’s doing the judging. And it’s my energy that’s getting pulled into it.

This situation illustrates something that I believe is an important part of life and especially important in intentional community: commitment and accountability, along with self-motivation. There’s no better learning environment than a long-term group situation, and while for many this is too big a challenge, others take it on and share the highs and lows of their paths.

So now let’s talk about the weather- seriously, that was my intention yesterday.
We were lucky last week with a sensitive pond sealing job and a ceremony to be held outdoors. The early part of the week was mostly sunny, with bits of rain at night. The garden pond was scheduled to be pumped out and sealed with bentonite clay and burlap. So for two days people were knee-deep in the water, applying the clay to the edge of the pond: a wet and probably cold endeavor.
When I asked on Wednesday night what was next the answer was: “Now we need rain and the whole thing is done”. Thursday it rained. Perfect.

Friday all attention was on cleaning things up, hanging new gates, collecting flowers and setting up space for the opening ceremony of our labyrinth on Saturday. I love how an event raises the energy level and we all take a look around and pick up, rake, sweep, and put away.

Saturday came with sunshine(!) and the labyrinth received a last check and some flowers. The celebration brought in new faces and old ones- an occasion like this marks time for this village and longtime friends, who may be less involved on a daily basis, show up. Everyone walked the labyrinth that day and there was song and drumming, blessings and food.

And Sunday when everything was quiet again I woke up to the sound of rain.

Now next Sunday is Easter…will I be writing ?

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