Just in case you were wondering: Mount Kilimanjaro does still have snow

I left home on Wednesday around 2 pm. It took a couple of days ( traveling east I didn’t count the hours), 4 flights and a 2 1/2 hr taxi ride to get to Bagamoyo. Everything went smoothly- that means no missed flights and all luggage appeared at the carousel in Dar Es Salaam. To top it all up I met someone at the airport who was traveling to Bagamoyo on business and offered a ride in his taxi.
I arrived a Francesco’s hostel early afternoon, Friday. They expected me- Terri had called- and gave me a room upstairs where I like it because the fresh breeze from the ocean comes into the space and I get a balcony. Rooms here have a comfortable double bed with a mosquito net and a fan, and a private bathroom with shower.
Since I was here last year the management has changed. Now breakfast is included in the price (20 000 TSh). And this morning I found out that it’s a good breakfast with coffee from a bodum, nice bread, choice of eggs, good jams and even cheese (you rarely see cheese here). We’re talking about an earthen oven for pizza coming to Francescos soon!

Yesterday I spent a little time getting the basics together: got a phone, a local SIM, and ordered some shirts from the tailor at Bagapoint. And its so nice to sit and read and have some time to land.
My next post will give you updates on the Shamba….see you then

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  1. cynthia
    cynthia says:

    Hi Elke,
    I'm so glad you have this blog. I am semi-confused about best times to come over. I am flexible with no family plans. My only restrictions are flight availability.
    I received the books from Oasis. If there is someone traveling before January I am happy to forward them.
    Happy trails. Cynthia Gauthier


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