Yes, it’s been a long while since I last actually sat down on a Sunday to write.
It is somewhat symptomatic for how the season takes off here at the Village, leaving hardly a weekend to sit back and reflect.
So here it is Thanksgiving weekend and we are taking three days off. Days off look different for everyone. In my case it looked like this:
Sleeping in was definitely on my list. Followed by “unscheduled time to do whatever I felt moved to do”. That translated into doing some browncoat plaster in the bathhouse and cleaning out the gutter of the Art Studio.
A drive to the open water near Sooke at French Beach was a wonderful break. There’s just something about sitting by the ocean and listening to the pulse of the surf.
A visit with friends also felt good and was long overdue.

So think about what time off means to you and how do you make it happen?

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