Every once in a while the universe sends me a gift. I don’t always recognize it immediately and it doesn’t ever look the same:

It may be something stopping things from the way I expect them to go and giving a little space in time to slow down or take a walk.

It may be a detour in traffic that takes me along a route I haven’t traveled.

It may be a person showing up in the middle of my busy day.

A few days ago a visitor came to meet with me at the ecovillage. I had agreed to this semi-consultation with some hesitation and set a time frame of half an hour.
The conversation quickly drew me into a space of curiosity and expansion- touching into ancient teachings and philosophies and healing.

We moved from cob and its possibilities and limitations to exploring heaters and other clay work.

My guest had fascinating ideas and knowledge of ancient healing practices and subtle energies and we spoke about health challenges of our conventional housing and ways of doing things.

I learned that the energy of cooking on electric stoves is not supporting our well-being: both the person exposed to a high level of EMF’s in the vicinity of the stove and the food that’s being prepared are affected. Choosing a gas burner is a better choice and best from this point of view is cooking over a wood fire.

stew from a cob oven

Looking into this a little I found this conversation about gas/electric on the cyber macro health forum

Something to think about!

You probably gather that the conversation didn’t stop at the half hour mark- during the conversation I felt a sense of timelessness. That is the magic and I am deeply grateful for it.