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Get your hands into some good African Earth!

Inviting Natural builders to come and help build our first buildings at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage , Bafut, Cameroon.

Ndanifor Permculture Eco Village is located in the village of Bafut , not far from Bamenda

Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village is located in the village of Bafut , not far from Bamenda

It’s time to build something this dry season: we have plenty of good building earth, raffia and access to wood.

Come and help create a small cabin as a first place to stay on the beautiful rural site. We have called out to women groups and local youth to participate in community training programs from January until March 2014.

Part of the activities will be the building of a wood-cook-stove and bread oven for the ecovillage learning center.

Work with me to support this community effort and give Better World Cameroon its first real natural building experience. Share what you know and get practice by immersing yourself in a different context. And escape the northern Winter.

You can also find the project on thePOOSH and follow updates there.

Lets’ talk logistics:

  1. You’ll need a Visa to enter Cameroon– this is usually not difficult, but it poses a time factor. So get on it quickly. We will provide a letter of accommodation or invitation as required for the Visa. Check with your closest Cameroon Embassy.
  2. You’ll fly into Yaounde or Douala- both are about 6 hours distance from Bamenda by bus. Buses leave mornings or evenings and cost about $10. It’s easier for us to arrange for someone to meet you in Yaounde- Better World has an office there.
  3. Living in Bamenda is fairly low cost- Better World will help find a suitable place to stay and negotiate a price for you.
  4. Good food is readily available at low cost. We will share some common meals and spend free time exploring the hills in the area. Our plan is to work on construction for 4 days a week starting January 13. You can join any time until March- we hope to be finished by April 1.
  5. Better World has a FAQ page that may be helpful.

Can we complete this building in 12 weeks?

If you have time and a travel budget consider our offer. Get your hands into African Earth!

Please email me to discuss details and if this is not for you, share it with someone!

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3 replies
  1. pieter
    pieter says:

    I’m surely interested in helping and now is not a good time for me (I’m in a big construction project).
    You(/I) never know in future, so please keep me posted on projects.
    Thank you,
    best regards,

  2. Henry Abanda
    Henry Abanda says:

    Great to know this innovative project is taking place in my hometown. More power to Elke Cole for her initiatives.

    However, it will be great if these efforts are published in academic literature. I recently wrote a paper about environmental impacts from buildings constructed with imported materials and local building materials. This paper considered two typical houses in Yaounde-Cameroon as case studies. I could not find values for embodied energy and carbon intensities required to calculate emissions. My literature review was very weak as I could not find any published material about innovative and/or sustainable construction practices in Cameroon.

    Furthermore, what Elke is doing is really tapping into indigenous or merging indigenous knowledge with her experiences to do great stuff to promote sustainable construction practices. Again this needs to be documented.

    My question to Elke.
    Do you publish your work anywhere at all?
    If you are too busy, do you mind collaborating with me in publishing some aspects of your work? I am prepared to lead in this aspect.

    Kind Regards,
    Henry Abanda (


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