Shared Core Values of Integrity, Experience, and Natural Living


Work with what’s available, conservation, innovation


Respond in real time, not attached, go for what’s best for all


Doing with ease, leverage, creating the best-case-scenario


Decades of experience, a network of experts


Practice, discipline, wisdom, training, teaching


Communication, support, appreciation: Connection

Hi, I’m Elke

For me it’s all about people: together we create villages, buildings, structures, art and make dreams into reality.
With 20+ years of natural building experience I feel that you can get reliable answers from me. If we have some face-time or real face-to-face experience, I’ll be listening carefully to your questions and give you honest answers. If I don’t know, I will tell you.
Theory is easy…doing it is where the courage is. I have successfully taught hundreds of people like you, who go on to become professional builders or build their own homes. Others have just had a fun adventure away from their day-job. It doesn’t matter where you live- I have experience working in different climate regions and different cultures. Working together allows people to thrive . Spaces built by people for people grow thriving communities
I speak English, German, some French and a little Kiswahili. Sketches and hand-signals do the rest.

Here’s a wordcloud of what matters to me…

My Happy Place

Working with the earth to create living, breathing, natural buildings is my happy place and passion. Let’s create real sustainability together

natural clay selections

Many hands make light work

When we can work together, things just get easier – the power of relationship. We can bring my classes and workshops to your area or project. Get in touch

earthbags as foundation

Worldwide Support

I travel around the world when called, to bring natural building skills and resources to where they are needed. Ask me more