Permaculture design integration

How will your house fit into the bigger plan for you land and activities?

How can we create a permaculture plan with an existing house?

How can we minimize our footprint on the land and create harmonious relationships between buildings and land?

Take a closer look with mapping, visioning and understanding the conditions for your ideas.

Let’s talk about your on-site session or long-distance coaching arrangement: email me.


Site Visit

You are considering the purchase of a piece of land and need help evaluating good building sites


You have the location and your mind is rich with plans: what now?

This is a good time to call for a site visit to explore the design possibilities and realities of your site. This may be a first get to know each other meeting as well if you are looking for further design services.

A typical site visit last 2-4 hours and is an information exchange.

Contact me today with your project ideas


Owner-builder support

You have your plans and you are ready to go into the construction of your natural home. You’ve learned the skills and have help and materials ready.

I can offer ongoing support either on site or long distance to troubleshoot and problem-solve when the going gets tough. Advice on materials, detailing and scheduling, answering how-to questions and what’s next.

This support can be scheduled and will be set up with a retainer for services. Contact me to discuss your needs











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