Hands- on and online training

Participate in a natural building training in 4 different ways:

#1 Hands- on in Kenya, with online sessions

If you’re in Kenya, you can sign up for hands-on training at the Agatha Amani House in Naivasha.  Facilitated by builder Isaac Njau, you will learn to build a taka house, experience working in a community spirit and connect to a online participants through Zoom sessions . You don’t need a personal internet account to participate .

Inquiries and registration : Contact by email

or call     +254 713482144  or +254 708376440

#2 Live online & supporter

Be a witness from afar and follow the progress of the project as you participate in live Zoom sessions. These sessions consist of slide presentations by Elke , Q&A time and reporting from the project by hands-on participants and organizers. We aim to make this very interactive and hope you will enjoy the connection.

In addition to live sessions, you will become a member (free of charge) of the Living Village Institute online network offering inspirational learning opportunities and networking space. The course will stay accessible in the network after the date.

7 Zoom sessions will be happening in the evening hours East African time between April 5 and 16. Details TBA

Presentation topics:

    • What is Natural Building
    • Building with Earth: Cob
    • More ways to build with Earth
    • Other natural wall systems
    • Steps to designing
    • Community building

*Your registration fee includes a $75 donation to the project*

Register for #3 live online participation and be a project supporter:

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#3 Online on your time

If the live dates don’t work for you or you’ve missed the dates all together : it’s not too late to pick up the lessons!

This option gives access to the recorded Sessions via our Living Village Institute platform . Experience a network of change makers and benefit from inspiring presenters by joining the network.

Register for online options:

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#4 Project Supporter- no strings attached

People like you give others room to move and act. Your cash donation will be transferred in full to Agatha Amani House to be used for the construction of taka house. Follow the progress on their Facebook page.

Contributions over $100 are eligible for a tax receipt . Thank you to Canadian Earth Institute for this partnership!

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Summer 2021

I am open to small creative projects and will train your team/ group. This could be a garden wall, outdoor kitchen, sculpted plaster over existing wall or play-structure for children. Please email me to discuss your wishes.

Stuck at home during the pandemic? Why not use this time to start learning about Natural building or design  on my e-learning site.

These are the titles

  • Understanding natural wall systems
  • How to choose the best spot for your home
  • DIY natural home design

I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list for short notice opportunities.

Design your own natural home 

Online :

Interactive course with group zoom meetings, online presentations and practice activities. Two versions: DIY and with group meetings : Check in here


You read and watch all information pieces at your leisure. Repeat if you like, show your partner.

Work on your assignments when you can focus.

Check in with your cohort weekly on zoom- this helps keep you motivated , gets you supportive feedback and builds connection.

At the end you will have

  • a ‘sensitive’  site map
  • a list of support people
  • list of what you need
  • clarity about choices
  • list of what furniture moves in
  • sketches
  • a model
  • floor a scale floor plan for costing

This course will save you energy and money by helping you to make educated choices, avoid mistakes, and getting you prepared to get prices, before you start the permit process.

The next group session starts September 15 and will run for 5 weeks.

Hands-on at home and abroad

Most of my workshops are hands-on :

A hands-on workshop will allow you to explore your personal abilities in a safe and supported environment. Participate in a real project with other learners like you and discover the power of working together. You just might discover a new passion!

  • Learn techniques of building with Earth: Cob, Earthbag, Straw-bale natural plasters and more.
  • Learn to trust your senses and reach into your creativity.
  • Feel the joy of your body in action
  • Get your questions answered and discuss related topics
  • Build a network of friends for your natural building future

All workshops are offering a supportive learning atmosphere for diverse people. If you have questions please email me .